Acurio AN-901 Professional Medical Sprayers Health Care Medical Equipment Compressor Nebulizer

Acurio is producing powerful compressor nebulizer with unique nebulizer kit that allows the setting of a nebulization rate greater than 0.2 ml/min, providing efficient drug delivery to the smallest parts of the airways and making the therapeutic effect of the administered drug even greater.

Elegant and User-Friendly Design

The elegant design is in line with most people’s aesthetics. One button operation and easy cleaning makes it convenient to use for everybody.

Reliable Motors

The high wear-resistant oil-free pure copper compressor ensures durable and efficient operation. It can provide sufficient airflow for atomization under the premise that the noise is lower than 65dB(A).

Small, light tabletop nebulizer

Weighing less than 16 oz. (lighter than most other compressor models)

Advanced engineering

Allows it to administer medication as effectively as tabletop models three times its size


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